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33 Different Products to Level Up Your Tech Skills in 2020

33 Different Products to Level Up Your Tech Skills in 2020

What if I told you that you could learn over 24 different tech skills, worth thousands of dollars in real-world value, for a fraction of the cost? Specifically 94% off what they originally cost? 

Well, that’s EXACTLY what’s happening inside the 2020 version of the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox. 

After many long days and nights of negotiating and planning, we’ve been able to get 27 expert technical course creators to say “yes,” and help make that vision of mine a reality.  

I’m so excited to share what we’ve put together. In this post, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of every single product you’ll get in this year’s toolbox. If you went out and purchased all these products on your own, it would cost $4,206!

Here’s the catch…this deal is so good that it’s only going to be available for five days: Monday, June 22nd to Friday, June 26th.

Keep reading to see everything you’ll get inside!

Sign up now: https://bit.ly/toolbox2020

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All The Products Inside the 2020 Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox

  1. Programming for Non-Programmers (normally sold for $199)
  2. Learn Enough Application Development Bundle: Learn Ruby, Ruby on Rails, & Action Cable (normally sold for $247)
  3. Six-Figure Tech Resume Workshop (normally sold for $197)
  4. JavaScript Basics for Beginners (normally sold for $59)
  5. The Fundamentals of Programming with Python (normally sold for $79)
  6. The Front End Developer Bootcamp (normally sold for $149)
  7. Freelancing & Beyond eBook (normally sold for $49)
  8. Web Design Crash Course for Creative Bloggers (normally sold for $129)
  9. Mars Rover API Workshop: Create a Web App with NASA Data (normally sold for $47)
  10. Hands-on Web Development with ASP.NET Core & Angular 7 (normally sold for $89)
  11. Principles For Programmers: The Condensed Advice From The World’s Best (normally sold for $30)
  12. Mastering Next.js – The Complete Guide To Universal JavaScript (normally sold for $199)
  13. The Ultimate Guide for Getting Into Cybersecurity for Beginners (normally sold for $25)
  14. React Native by Example: Build Real-World Apps with React Native (normally sold for $149)
  15. Land the Perfect Job with LinkedIn (normally sold for $99)
  16. Automating G Suite with Google Apps Script (Course Bundle) (normally sold for $600)
  17. Introduction To Vue.js (normally sold for $47)
  18. 30 Days Devops Bootcamp (normally sold for $197)
  19. C# and .NET Core for Beginners (normally sold for $49)
  20. Beginner’s ES6 Programming: Code for the Web in JavaScript (normally sold for $500)
  21. Active Rails: Build a Rails 6 Application From the Ground Up (normally sold for $30)
  22. Freelance Developer Masterclass (normally sold for $497)
  23. Master Remote Interviewing (normally sold for $47)
  24. Machine Learning for Beginners Course Bundle (normally sold for $199)
  25. HTML5 Authoring with CSS Certification Course (normally sold for $100)
  26. Learn Java the Hard Way (eBook + Videos) (normally sold for $45)
  27. Simple Steps JavaScript (normally sold for $149)

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