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What is Radial Bar Chart ?

A Radial/Circular Bar Chart is simply a Bar Chart plotted on a polar coordinate system, rather than on a Cartesian one. While they look cool, the problem with Radial Bar Charts is that the bar lengths can be...

What is Radar Chart in Data Visualization

Radar Charts are a way of comparing multiple quantitative variables. This makes them useful for seeing which variables have similar values or if there are any outliers amongst each variable. Radar Charts are...

What is a Proportional Area Chart?

Proportional Area Charts usually use squares or circles. However, any shape can be used, so long as you use the shape’s area to represent the data. A common technical error with area charts is to use one...

Category - Data Visualization

Data visualization is the graphic representation of data. It involves producing images that communicate relationships among the represented data to viewers of the images.

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