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What is a Word Cloud in Data Visualization

Word Cloud is a visualisation method that displays how frequently words appear in a given body of text, by making the size of each word proportional to its frequency. All the words are then arranged in a...

What is a Violin Plot in Data Visualization

A Violin Plot is used to visualise the distribution of the data and its probability density. This chart is a combination of a Box Plot and a Density Plot that is rotated and placed on each side, to show...

What is a Venn Diagram in Data Visualization

A Venn Diagram is a diagram that visually displays all the possible logical relationships between a collection of sets. Each set is typically represented with a circle. Contained within each set is a...

Category - Data Visualization

Data visualization is the graphic representation of data. It involves producing images that communicate relationships among the represented data to viewers of the images.

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