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What are the most common programming languages for blockchain?

The most common programming languages for Blockchain are Cpp, Python, JavaScript and Solidity are some of the established players in the blockchain programming community.

Many of these languages have been around for a significant amount of time and are also used for nonblockchain purposes. Take Cpp. It was first conceived in 1985 and was the core language for the network that started it all: Bitcoin. Developers like Cpp because of how it delivers control over memory usage, enables multiple instructions to be executed at the same time, and because of how it has achieved maturity by being around for almost 35 years.

Python, born in the early 1990s, is favored because of its simple, minimalistic approach — and this means that bugs in code can be fixed relatively easily. JavaScript is a major player on the internet as a whole and delivers interactivity with slick user interfaces. The most popular language on Ethereum is Solidity — a language that drew inspiration from Cpp, Python and JavaScript to create an environment that’s geared toward blockchain developers.

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